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Mark your calendars!!!


June 2, Ways to Restore and Balance, with Sue Hooper and Sarah Power, Saturday, 1:30 to 4 $35. at the Saint John Yoga Coop.
Sue & Sarah offer a workshop weaving Eden Energy Medicine and Yin Yoga. Participants will learn safe, gentle self-help exercises to enhance health through an energy-wellness routine that promotes self-healing & well-being. These simple and effective tools have been found to greatly benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Yin Yoga is a deep stretch, supporting the large muscles with props, and targets the connective tissue specifically in the hips and low back. While in these postures we will hold meridian points, using our electromagnetic finger tips to activate the points, which are connected to our organs.
Dress as for yoga and bring a mat, pillow & blanket.

To preregister call 650-3333 Limited space

Summer Specials

Summer Specials

June Challenge – $70 Unlimited
Yes… there will be stickers involved 

Purchase an unlimited card in June for $70 and you will be entered to win a Yoga mat! Other prizes include our new Yoga Co-op Tote Bags, T-shirts + Tanks, and Complimentary Class Passes.

July + August – $140 Unlimited

July + August – $125 Unlimited
*with purchase of June $70 Unlimited card

When you buy a Summer Special you can buy a Saint John Yoga Co-op tote for $15.00 ( Reg price $20)


Program updates

We are gearing up for some of our last set of programs before summer

Restorative April 29th -6 weeks Sundays 7-8:15pm , sign up is required as we can not accept drop-ins for this program, $65.00
Next Steps April 30 – 6 weeks Mondays 7-8 pm, $65.00
Rise & Shine May 1- 4 weeks Tues & Thurs 6-6:45 am $75.00
Intro May 2- Wednesday 7-8 pm $65.00

We need a minimum of 6 participants for programs to run. Send an email to to reserve your space.

Also we can neither confirm nor deny that we may or may not be planning a special June challenge 

Check out for a description of all the classes/programs

Meditation Techniques for Stress and Relaxation

Meditation Techniques for Stress and Relaxation

Learn the basics of Meditation as a tool to help you relax and better manage your stress.
This is a no pressure meditation class that will include some education, a guided meditation and some time to chat
and ask questions or share your experience (optional). 
No previous experience required, come as you are.

April 19 from 7-8:30pm

Donation class with the minimum donation of $5.00
This workshop will be lead by Stephanie Kincade.


Energy Medicine Workshop

Join Eva Gold, (CNHP, EEM-AP) in her presentation on the benefits of Energy Medicine on Tuesday, April 17th at the Saint John Yoga Coop from 9:30 to 11:30

Cost $15.00

Strength, confidence, vitality to name a few, are the results of the electromagnetic force moving through the body in a balanced way. A balanced flow of energy affects your body, mind and spirit and needs to be supported with particular movements and exercises every day to meet the body’s needs for healthy functioning. There are tools that can help you access your energetic stamina, bring you back to wellness and experience joy from within. Join us for a fun, informative morning!

Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program ( Year 1) is offered in Saint John, NB with four intensive classes over the year: April 13-16, June 22-25, September 14-17 and December 7-10 2018, with Toronto based instructor Eva Gold from Toronto.  If you are interested to attend there is still room! It is an amazing opportunity. See below for more info.


Eva Gold (CNHP, EEM-AP) is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine therapist, authorized Energy Medicine for Women instructor and Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in Phoenix, AZ. She is also a Licensed Natural Health and Medical Qi-gong Practitioner, Reflexologist, and a Clinical Aromatherapist.

According to Christiane Northrup, M.D., “Donna Eden is one of the most joyous and effective pioneers in the rapidly expanding and vitally important frontier called energy medicine.”

The Foundations Program leads students to discover their own powerful skills necessary to maintain good health, overcome illness, and achieve fluency in understanding how the body communicates energetic imbalances. Students engage in hands-on activities to develop strong therapeutic skills and practice EEM techniques.

Sue Hooper
Hooper Studios
177 Kennebecasis River Road
New Brunswick
E5N 6L1
506 650-3333

Yoga of the Eternal Youth

Starting April 10 for 6 weeks Yoga of the Eternal Youth!

This will be a 6 week Program starting April 10 Tuesday’s at noon (12:10-12:55) taught by Maureen Robichaud. Cost will be $60. for the program, you can use your Yoga Co-op cards or Drop in ($14) .

Maureen is a teacher on a wide variety of topics. Professionally, she taught nursing for 25 years, and Kundalini yoga in her spare time. Over the last 6 years, she has been a student of the great mystic, Almine and has become a practitioner of Belvaspata Healing , Rune Mastery, Fragrance Alchemy and Yoga for illumination. Furthermore, she has  recently graduated as a practitioner of “Lion Hearted Leadership”, as taught by the White Lion Academy in South Africa.

Yoga of the Eternal Youth

This is one of the yoga’s of illumination as taught by the great  mystic, Almine. She states, “the purpose of this yoga is to remove linear time-the primary cause of aging and decay. In removing the opposites of movement and stillness by balancing them, we cancel them out to reveal a state of rejuvenation.”. The postures alternate between stillness and movement.