Yoga for beginners This program is designed for those who have never practiced Yoga before. We will guide students through postures, breathing techniques and meditation in a safe and comfortable environment.( Back in the Fall)

Restorative is less physically challenging and all about relaxation. This class is much more difficult mentally, as it is very meditative. It is important to allow the body to rest so that it can function optimally. As a society we live in our Sympathetic Nervous System, the fight or flight system, the stressed out nervous system. Restorative yoga helps us move into our Parasympathetic Nervous System, where we need to be in order to sleep, rest, digest, and recover. Treat yourself to some relaxation.  (Not running at this time )

Hathastorative Return to balance and nourish your body,mind and spirit. In the first  part of the practice recharge through mindful movement and yoga asanas (postures). Then, move through a series of seated and reclining postures supported by props, entering into a deep and calming restorative practice.

Chair Yoga  is a slow, but intense style of Yoga where students are seated or use a chair for assistance. Through modifications Yoga becomes accessible to students with illness, disabilities,injuries, seniors and students with hip/knee replacements. Health benefits include improved muscle tone; better breathing habits, reduction of stress and better sleep. (Will start back up in the Fall)

Men’s Yoga: This 6-week program is designed for the guys that have thought about it but never tried it…
If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on inside a yoga studio then this program could be for you. We’ll go through some very basic breathing techniques (pranayama) and some of the everyday yoga postures (asanas) that you will experience at any yoga class you might attend. I’ll make sure by the end of the series you’ll have the knowledge to walk into any class and be comfortable to continue your yoga practice at your own pace.
Some benefits include: Improves flexibility, Increase strength, learn how to breathe properly, enhance your workout, relieve stress, reduce lower back pain, improve range of motion, and find balance.  (Not running at this time)

Women’s Yoga This class is for women at any stage of womanhood: pregnancy, post pregnancy, infertility, menopause and everything in between. We’ll focus on postures that strengthen, relax and help to alleviate the stress of your day. ( Back in the Fall)

Weight-a-Minute  This a program that will help you tone your muscles and work on your cardio. Small 1 pound weights will be incorporated into yoga poses focusing on specific muscle groups for 1 minute per pose. Side effects of this program that you may experience are as follows but not limited to: Make you stronger, build core strength, tone muscles, improve circulation and create body awareness. (Not running at this time)

Body Positive Yoga Body positivity is an idea created by women of colour that has been adopted by all people in the margins. By combining body positivity with yoga we hope to create a class experience where all bodies are free to practice yoga without shame or fear. The main focus of this class will be on joyful movement with modification to fit your needs and a healthy amount of self love! If you’ve ever been afraid to try yoga and are looking for a safe space to practice, this is the class for you!

All programs are 6 weeks at a cost of $75.00 ( cards may be used as well)

Sign up today! Email to reserve a spot. 

  • Minimum of 6 individuals registered for programs to run
  • Drop- Ins, Unlimited and 10-Pass cards are honored 



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  1. Hey!!! Wondering if the Thursday 7pm class is ok for drop-in? It says “75 yin” ? Not sure what that means… Maybe it’s 75mins long? It sounds good tho anyways… I’ll hopefully make the 5:30 vinyasa class anyway but wondering if I can double up and do both? Lol

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