Welcome to The Yoga Co-op

Summer Solstice class 2013Located at 82 Germain Street, in beautiful Uptown Saint John, NB. We’re a safe and friendly yoga studio that is open to everyone. Check our schedule for drop-in classes and programs.

Yoga is for everybody. Please remember that safety comes from within. When we listen to our bodies, we maintain a safe and healthy practice. Yoga is an individual practice and, as such, will look differently on each mat. We look forward to sharing our space with you!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Yoga Co-op

  1. Hi
    Iam wondering if you still have room in your beginner class starting Nov. 6, I would like to sign up for it. Please let me know.
    Thanks Mary Dobson

    1. Hi Mary,

      At the moment we are full, however I am waiting for reply from a few people to make sure they are coming.

      I will put your name down if they cancel and will let you know either way!

      Thanks for your interest,

      The Yoga Co-op

  2. Hi,

    As of July 11 / 2014 I will be in Saint John for a 3 week period. Do you have a drop in policy for yoga and how much would it cost? I would most likely attend once or twice a week.

    Also do you know of a meditation group any where in the city as I would be interested in that also.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    Sincerely, Karen

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