Yoga of the Eternal Youth

Starting April 10 for 6 weeks Yoga of the Eternal Youth!

This will be a 6 week Program starting April 10 Tuesday’s at noon (12:10-12:55) taught by Maureen Robichaud. Cost will be $60. for the program, you can use your Yoga Co-op cards or Drop in ($14) .

Maureen is a teacher on a wide variety of topics. Professionally, she taught nursing for 25 years, and Kundalini yoga in her spare time. Over the last 6 years, she has been a student of the great mystic, Almine and has become a practitioner of Belvaspata Healing , Rune Mastery, Fragrance Alchemy and Yoga for illumination. Furthermore, she has  recently graduated as a practitioner of “Lion Hearted Leadership”, as taught by the White Lion Academy in South Africa.

Yoga of the Eternal Youth

This is one of the yoga’s of illumination as taught by the great  mystic, Almine. She states, “the purpose of this yoga is to remove linear time-the primary cause of aging and decay. In removing the opposites of movement and stillness by balancing them, we cancel them out to reveal a state of rejuvenation.”. The postures alternate between stillness and movement.

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