Class Descriptions

Noon Yoga This class is the perfect mid-day body break where you’ll get to shake off the creaks and cracks from a morning at the office (wherever/whatever that is these days). We’ll sample a little bit of vinyasa to get the blood moving, some strengthening hatha, and end with a few slothy restorative postures so you can head back to work (or take on your afternoon) feeling strong, calm, and grounded.

Vinyasa In modern postural yoga, vinyasa is often taken to mean connecting movement with breath. In this class you will learn to guide your movements with a deep ujayi breath to create stability, physical heat, and a clear mind. By keeping the class size small, you can get individualized support and guidance to help you deepen your yoga practice and become more comfortable in a vinyasa flow-style setting.
  This class provides clear guidance through specific cuing with an emphasis on deep breathing and postures to help build strength, stability, and flexibility. There is a focus on wellness through physical alignment, improved balance, increased flexibility, and mental relaxation. Each class will end with a short meditation or guided relaxation to help you leave the class feeling strong, relaxed, and ready for the rest of your day!

Hatha Ease yourself into a nice gentle yoga class working on your mind body spirit connection while increasing your flexibility with each breath.

Yin (sloth) Yoga This series of restorative sloth yoga classes is the perfect complement to a vinyasa practice as it offers the chance for stillness, reflection, meditation, deep tissue stretching, improved mobility, and fascial release. Dive deep into your body and give it the chance to rest and rebalance by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system through deep breathing and supportive movement.
   Sloth yoga is done entirely in a seated or reclined position. You will hold each posture for 3 to 5 minutes in order to allow the muscles to relax and to put therapeutic stress on the connective tissue of the body, allowing it to adapt while growing stronger and more flexible. If you’re someone who struggles with creating time for relaxation in your busy schedule then you will love taking an hour a week to calm the mind, body, and soul with this restorative practice.

Weekend Warrior! Let your Warrior be awakened Saturday mornings with a series of energetic poses, getting you ready for the weekend ahead.

Nidra and Night This relaxing class explores some easy seated postures in an easy flow, leading to an extended prone posture where you are guided through a meditative experience. Yogis are encouraged to bring comfortable clothes and a blanket or pillow for optimum comfort.

Rise and Shine Good morning! Get ready for the rest of your day with some easy flowing Vinyasa to get the focus the breath and get the blood flowing!

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