Operational Plan for Covid 19


Operational Plan for the Saint John Yoga Co-op

June 1st, 2020

Prepared by: Sarah Power and Jackie Fitzpatrick

Action Items:

1)Resources (Examples, Templates, Guidance, Documents)

2) Details of Implementation (PPE Specifics, Frequency, Policy Name, Process, etc.)

3) How is it communicated? (Poster, Training, Verbal Notice)

4) Status (Done, In Progress, Not Started, N/A)

Risk Assessment:

Complete a risk assessment to determine the engineering, administrative controls and/or PPE

controls necessary to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

  1. Work place safety, Up town SJ templates
  2. Sarah and Jackie are working together to complete this operational plan
  3. Poster, training and verbal notice
  4. In progress- June 1st

Determine whether you need isolation elements as part of the operational plan for your

workplace. For requirements, see page 14 of the Embracing the New Normal guide.

            No we do not need isolation elements

Physical Distancing:

Implement a two-metre physical distance protocol.

• Consider both employees and visitors/customers.

• Arrange furniture to promote the two-metre rule.

• Provide visual cues (ensure two-metre markings on floor, directional movement for

patrons, no-stopping areas in narrow hallways, etc.).

• Determine if installation of physical barriers such as partitions or Plexiglas is feasible.

Establish a protocol to ensure people don’t congregate in groups (stagger start and break times,

virtual rather than in-person meetings, limit access to common areas, etc.).

  1. Work place safety, Uptown SJ templates and resources
  2. Only one teacher (staff) will be at the studio prior to the classes. One student at a time will enter the studio entrance, the teacher will sign the student in, including their email and phone number. The student will enter the studio and set their own mat in the taped off area/number the teacher has assigned them.
  3. Verbally
  4. June 15th

Evaluate options to reduce staff onsite, such as having some staff work from home, changing shift times and, implementing flexible work hours.

  1. Work place safety, Uptown SJ templates and resources
  2. Only one teacher will be at the studio at a time
  3. Verbally
  4. June 1st

Evaluate the risk of employees coming closer than two metres in all parts of the facility. Stairwells, entry and exit points and narrow hallways can present a challenge. Consider implementing one-way traffic zones where possible (one stairwell for walking up, a different one for walking down).

  1. Work place safety, Uptown SJ templates and resources
  2. Only one staff member will be at the studio at a time. There will be posters and tape on the sidewalk (2 meters) for students waiting to enter the studio, only one student in studio entrance at a time, 8 students in actual studio-mats will be placed on socially distanced taped place markers on the floor. Only one student at a time when going into the back area to the bathroom and, only 2 students will exit at a time.
  3. Verbally, poster and social media
  4. Implemented June 15th

Hand and Respiratory Hygiene:

Promote frequent handwashing.

Have handwash stations readily available and equipped with running hot/cold water and adequate soap and paper towel.

Have minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer readily available.

Communicate frequently about good respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.

Evaluate the workplace for shared objects and common areas and increase frequency of cleaning of touched surfaces/objects (minimum twice daily).

  1. Work place safety, Up town SJ templates
  2. Posters, Verbally, have soap, paper-towel, hand sanitizer, tissue accessible for students and staff
  3. Posters, verbal
  4. June 1st

Public Health Requirements (applies to EVERY workplace)

Screening and Monitoring:

Determine if your workplace must implement a passive or active screening process. For more

information on active screening, see page 11 of the Embracing the New Normal guide.

  1. Work place safety, Up town SJ templates and guides.
  2. Verbally and posters- passive screening process
  3. Poster and verbal
  4. June 15th

Prepare for the possibility that an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and may have been in the workplace. Inform your employees of the procedures to be followed.

  1. Work place safety, Up town SJ templates and guides.
  2. The studio would close, students who had been to the studio taking class would be notified via email/phone number that is listed on the sign in sheets. Staff would self-isolate for 2 weeks after being tested
  3. Verbally-if this occurs and through email/poster in preparing for the possibility
  4. June 1st

Receiving payment for good and services:

• Use electronic payment devices (if possible). We encourage you to use the tap option or clean devices after each use.

• If you must handle money, ensure regular handwashing and have minimum 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer readily available.

            -We will be asking for payment through etransfer and paypal online

Cleaning and Disinfection:

Ensure availability of all necessary supplies for cleaning and disinfecting.


• Equip with hot and cold running water under pressure, liquid soap, paper towel, toilet paper

and garbage containers where possible.

            -We have hot and cold running water under pressure, liquid soap, paper towel, toilet paper and garbage containers

• Hand-washing posters must be posted.

            -Posters will be in the washroom, front entrance, back area and on our social media/website

If multiple stalls and sinks are provided in washrooms, consider whether you need to limit

access through maximum numbers allowed in the space at one time.


Additional Considerations:

Use non-medical face coverings for employees, clients and visitors to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

            -students and staff can wear their own masks, if they want

Develop procedures for selection, use, decontamination (if applicable), storage, handling, limitations, inspection requirements, change-out requirements and employee training, if coverings are used.

Consider implementing a self-isolation unit. Isolate persons showing signs of COVID-19 immediately at the workplace. Keep the person isolated until they are picked up to avoid contaminating others.

Provide mental health support to all workers, including access to an employee assistance program (EAP) or information on public health supports, if available.

If your workplace CANNOT ensure minimal interaction of people within two metres of each other – the requirements listed below must be implemented

-We are able to provide social distancing protocols on our studio

Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulation Requirements:

Communicate to employees and supervisors their responsibilities under the OHS Act and regulations.

            – OHS Guide-Three Rights

Communicate to all employees their three rights under the OHS Act.

            – Guide to Legislation -Three Rights

Provide employee orientation, information and training on the new policies and processes implemented regarding COVID-19.

            – OHS Guide-New Employee Orientation

Provide employee training on the work refusal process.

            – Right to Refuse

Keep records of visitor and employee log (with confirmation those individuals were actually screened), as well as orientation, training and inspections.

Ensure supervisors are knowledgeable of guidelines and processes established by Public Health.

Ensure all employees receive information, instruction and training on the personal protective equipment required to protect against COVID-19.

Provide, maintain and make available personal protective equipment.

Implement a disciplinary process for correction of employee violations of company policies and procedures.

Consult on any new policies and processes established in relation to COVID-19 (JHSC or health and safety representative, if any, or employees).

            – OHS Guide-JHSC

Provide competent and sufficient supervision to ensure employees are complying with policies, procedures and processes established.

            – OHS Guide topic-Supervision

Communicate to all staff the requirement to co-operate with Public Health if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace. Public Health will advise the employee and/or the employer if there is a need to communicate with the employer or workforce during contact tracing. If the employer is advised of a positive case, they must then report it to WorkSafeNB.

            – WorkSafeNB FAQ