Meet Your Teachers

Jackie: Studio Director and Instructor

Jackie began practicing yoga 13 years ago and fell in love with it. Looking to try something new, she stumbled upon a beginners yoga class. She continues to practice today because it brings her to a place of “home”.

In 2013, Jackie graduated from the 200-hour teacher training program at Amana Institute with a certificate in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. She enjoys teaching and loves sharing what she has learned with the hope that it helps others find their feeling of “home” on the mat.

Sarah: Instructor
Sarah began practicing Yoga while attending dance school in Toronto. Her body was so over worked and prone to injuries from dancing, she thought Yoga could help. Since then, doing Yoga has become a ritual. Sarah practices for maintenance on her body, but the ritual of getting on her mat, breathing, focusing and being still is what draws her.
She studied at Satyram in Toronto, receiving a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification. It was a self led program, dedicated to discovering an individualistic teaching style. Sarah loves teaching what she learns. The best way for her to embody something new is to teach it! “I love it when students realize or figure something out on their mat – it is so rewarding.”

As a dancer and one who works with injuries, she enjoys focusing on the anatomical approach to a practice. Intro to Yoga is her passion–meeting new students and seeing their joy after their first Yoga class! Sarah holds certificates in Chair Yoga, Pre/post natal Yoga and year one Eden Energy Medicine.

Vanessa loves to laugh and have fun with yoga! Born with a dislocated hip and shorter leg, she had challenges with low back pain, sore knees and feet. A regular yoga practice made her body feel better and her sleep became deeper.
After receiving her yoga teaching certification in 2004 through Ruth Richman at Yoga Ink, Vanessa furthered her training in Arizona at Yahweh Yoga. She continues to deepen her knowledge of yoga through teaching, workshops and programs.


Cara began practicing Yoga in high school, “I was very active recreationally and competitively; yoga provided quiet stillness and an opportunity to connect with myself. Practicing is a lifestyle and Yoga provides what I need in that moment and tools to adapt as gracefully as each moment allows.”

Cara holds certification in Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Older Adult and Chair, along with her Bachelor of Kinesiology, Energy Work (Therapeutic Touch and Reiki)and is a Fitness Leadership Specialist. Cara integrates  her experiences in leading Chakra Yoga, Guardian and baby Yoga and a Fitness Style Yoga Class. Cara’s favourite class is to lead a gentle flow with a touch of yin or restorative to lead you into savasana.


“My first experience with yoga was in the 1970’s growing up in Kitchener, ON with a Yogini Mom that would take me along to classes and festivals. I began to embrace mindfulness and awareness as keys to living a balanced life with a martial arts background and later rediscovering yoga and tai chi.
In 2011 after some health issues I became interested in the movement of healing energy through Reiki and over the next 3 years of practice to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.  My intention is to channel the life force energy that is all around us into my style of teaching and sharing. In 2016 I graduated from a  200hr Classical Eastern Based Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at the Indian Yoga and Meditation Centre under Guru Sarbjeet Kalia.
I have continued to expand my knowledge of  Yin Yoga and other styles and traditions through workshops with great teachers and mentors like, Marla Erickson, Travis Eliot, Seane Corn and Rodney Yee. I am trained to teach different styles of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga but my style and my love of Yin shows when you settle in for one of my mindful, meditative, melting Yin classes. My passion for yoga, learning and spirituality has brought me on this journey to be able to share what I love with you.”


Steph was first exposed to yoga in Toronto at a body positive studio back in 2015 and she’s been hooked ever since! With a background in power lifting she noticed some muscle stiffness that limited her range of motion. A friend suggested she take a yoga class to help stretch out her muscles and after her first class, Steph discovered so much more. Her love for yoga grew and last year she took her teacher training to become a certified instructor. Teaching primarily Hatha yoga she also works with older adults with limited range of motion and has experience in teaching chair yoga. Steph has a fondness for accessibility and believes strongly that everybody and every body should be able to practice yoga. She considers herself a student for life always learning new forms and evolving her practice to meet her students needs.


Teri started practicing yoga five years ago after she injured her knee. It was the only exercise she was allowed to do, and once she started she was hooked. She felt stronger and more balanced, using yoga as a tool to let go of any negative feelings and stress.
Working as a paramedic, a regular practice has helped Teri avoid injuries on the job. And hitting the mat is a great way to decompress after a shift.
Teri hopes to help her students develop and grow within their own practice. She did her 200hr YTT in Saint John in Hatha and Vinyasa and is looking forward to expanding her practice through teaching and further education.

Tyler-Mindfulness/Meditation and Yoga Instructor

I’ve been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over a year now, and it has become a passion for me!When I first started meditation over a year ago it was in an attempt to manage my busy life and high stress job.Even though I was a skeptic it quickly transformed my life, and I found myself learning as much as I could.Now I teach meditation at my place of work and am learning to become a yoga instructor. I teach both Mindfulness and Mantra meditation, and I look forward to teaching yoga soon as well.

Angela- Instructor

Angela discovered yoga in 2005, during her first year of university. What began as a quest for flexibility and physical fitness turned into a 10-year mind/body love affair with the practice. Angela credits yoga for fine-tuning her daily consciousness – a reminder to be grateful of both the people and world around her. “I always leave class feeling 100% better than when I came in. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”
At the Saint John Yoga Co-op, Angela helps students build energy through asana postures with the Vinyasa class. Angela obtained her 200-hour YTT from Yoga Haus.

Melissa-Substitute Instructor

Melissa’s love for yoga began in University while studying health sciences. She originally began practicing for the physical benefits but later discovered the positive impact a regular yoga practice had on her mental health.
She strives to create a positive and inclusive environment for students so they can incorporate yoga into their daily life regardless of their individual and unique needs. The greatest reward from teaching is when students give feedback on how their yoga practice has translated to positive changes in their physical and emotional well-being.
Melissa obtained her 200-hour YTT from Amana Institute in Hatha and Vinyasa.