Yoga for Beginners (6 week program) This program is designed for those who have never practiced Yoga before or if you are returning to you mat after some time away. Jackie will guide students through postures, breathing techniques and meditation in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Prenatal Yoga (6 week program) . Yoga is a form of exercise and meditation where breath and specific body positions are used to help connect the mind and body.  Prenatal yoga focuses on positions that are specifically designed for pregnant women’s bodies.

Chair Yoga (6 week program) Join us for a gentle form of yoga that can be done all from the comfort of a chair! We will incorporate standing, supine and seated poses in a gentle flow with plenty of room for modifications and breath work. If you find you want or need a little extra support in your practice or have limited mobility this is the class for you!

Yoga Mechanics (back to basics) (6 week program) – this first course in Yoga Mechanics will be a step by step in-depth description of each pose as we explore the motion of your body from one posture to the next. A great refresher for experienced yogis and a great way for new yogis to deepen their practice.

All programs are six weeks at a cost of $75.00 

Sign up today! Email to reserve a spot. 

  • Minimum of five individuals registered for programs to run
  • SPACE PERMITTING Drop- Ins, Unlimited and 5/10-Pass cards are honoured 

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